The goal of these runs is to compare the performance of the latest versions of LLVM and GCC on x86 in 32-bit mode. I used the following options: LLVM can not produce a correct code for Therefore -O0 was used for both LLVM and GCC for

The used machine is 3.4Ghz Intel Core i7-2600 with 8GB memory under Fedora Core14.

GCC-4.6.1 was configured with --enable-checking=release and was bootstrapped which means that it was compiled by itself. LLVM-2.9 x86 binaries are taken from LLVM download site. All changes are given relative to LLVM-2.9 run with -O2 -march=core2.

Last modified: 09/08/2010 - vmakarov at redhat dot com

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